A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Falling Hearts is a free GxB comedy slice-of-life visual novel by IaMe Productions

Development is ceased and won’t be continued 

To 17-year-old Yuuki Kuro, life couldn't get any more boring and typical. Day in and day out, she strives to find something exciting in this fleeting moment we call life.
And what's more exciting
than falling in love for the first time?

Producer: IaMe
Writer: Ran
Artist: KingV
Composer: ???

[*]Twelve Characters
[*]Sprites and Profiles for all characters
[*]30+ backgrounds with some variations
[*]66 CGs
[*]15 custom soundtracks
[*]10 total routes (and an additional group and alone paths)


Writing: 110,000 words
Programming: GUI coded (To my satisfaction at least)
Sprites: 100%
Logo: 100%
GUI: 100%
BGs: 19 completed
CGs: 2 completed
Music: 0 tracks

IaMe: Feel free to ask any questions, though as I live in Australia it may take me a little while to get back to you-- if I'm not in
semi nocturnal mode that is!
Ran: Thank you so much for checking this out! :)

Short demo: link is below

Long demo: link to come

Full Game: link will come eventually

follow our tumblr for updates here

WARNING - the all build for the short demo is probably able to run on mac and linux but hasn't been tested (as i have no way to test linux or mac builds) and bug fixes will only be possible if they can be achieved on my windows pc

Install instructions

Extract zip and run .exe file inside the extracted folder


Falling-Hearts_short_demo-win.zip 46 MB
Falling-Hearts_short_demo-all.zip 61 MB